As a professional photographer, I offer my clients a wide set of services they can use for the benefit of their business or to make their project look more attractive. Even if you are not a businessman, you can still find what you are looking for at my website. Feel free to browse this page to learn more about photography services I provide.

My projects differ in a variety of aspects from works of other photographers. On my website you will not find any ordinary photos and shots that can be described as dull and boring. In this project I tried to underline the emotional meaning of love and long-lasting relationship. The project features professional models portraying an initial idea of love and passion in these photos.


Adam Smith is a great photographer! He managed to perform his duties perfectly at our fashion show as a staff photographer. Our company is utterly satisfied with his work during the show and his photo editing skills. We are looking forward to cooperate with him.

Anete Puga

New York City

Thank you for the amazing work you did for our modeling agency! The photo set we have received recently is praiseworthy and the quality of its performance is better than we have expected. We will be glad to work with you again on our new project later this year.

Alan Smith

New York City

When it comes to creating high quality photos, Adam Smith is a first-class specialist. Our online store hired him to create a photo set of our new arrivals. These were the products in several categories – from food to clothes - and Adam found a suitable approach to each of them.

John Franklin

New York City